Duratrans Printing

4 Mistakes to Avoid in Duratrans Printing

Thanks to design software and online printers, duratrans printing is easier than before, and nearly everyone can design their own. However, you have to exhibit care if you want your duratrans printing project to create a professional final product. Designing your own duratrans does present some risks, and done improperly, it can hurt your marketing campaign.

In order to make the most out of your duratrans printing and design, here are some of the mistakes that you will want to avoid. If you still feel like you cannot design the right poster for your needs, talk to your printer. Many duratrans printing companies will offer design services or templates for an extra charge.

Using too many effects

If you are using your own printing design software, you might be impressed with the wide range of special effects that you can use during your design. However, you need to use caution. Trying to work in too many of the different effects can cause your duratrans to look cluttered, unorganized, or loud. Special effects should be done with precision and purpose in order to achieve maximum results. Therefore, your overall design should be the deciding factor as to which effects are used.

Badly chosen colors

Another common mistake in duratrans printing is using the wrong colors. For starters, you need to make sure that the colors you are using in your design are in the same format as what the printer uses during printing. Otherwise, you could find that you end up with variations that you didn’t expect.

Duratrans Printing

You also need to be careful with combining colors, while some posters will work well with multiple colors, others are better expressed using one or two main colors and then carefully accented with others. You should keep in mind color families and colors that go well together when choosing the motif for your poster. In addition, be familiar with the different emotions that various colors can create, and make sure that those feelings go along with the message that you want to portray.

Poorly resized images

When you are choosing your images for duratrans printing, it is important to consider the fact that the poster will be several times larger than what you see on your computer screen. Therefore, images that are chosen need to have a high enough resolution so they can be enlarged easily without distortion. A low-resolution image may appear fine on your computer screen, but look pixilated when blown up to poster size.

Poor printing

Of course, a major part of duratrans printing is the printing process itself. You need to choose a printer that has the ability to create a professional looking product. This means finding a printer that has the various duratrans stock and ink options to create a duratrans that is worthy of display. Opting for a printer that uses cheap materials for duratrans printing can result in an inferior-looking product.

By watching your design elements and choosing your printer carefully, you can guarantee that your duratrans printing project will be a success.