Boosting Testosterone – Controlling Estrogen

Using Testolone or another aromatase inhibitor reverse decreases faster than is normally termed “PCT” or after a treatment period. It is to use “post cycle” booster testosterone or after Andro cycling testosterone to “normal” faster than would inevitably arise. This theory allows the bodybuilder to keep the income of the cycle Andro and not lose much.

Testolone has been studied alone as an replacement of testosterone and you can read the whole Testolone review online. As an independent supplement, the Testolone has a high level of safety and has been demonstrated in humans that increase testosterone levels with the highest human resources. This effect increased testosterone is not as high as having “Andro” but pushing the body to produce more testosterone than normal. If a man has a testosterone level of 300 ng / dl 6ox can take it up to 900 ng / dl, which is the highest possible human level of natural. Andro takes it to another level that it may reach 2300 ng / dl of testosterone levels.

Together with Andro, Testolone is the best way to increase natural testosterone levels. Unfortunately, as is the steroid hormone, there is the ability to cause false positive testing of “anabolic steroids”. This makes it desirable and has even led professional athletes to try “positive”.

Thereafter there is no natural substitution for non-steroidal Testolone having the same effect, but no controversy. It is so powerful that it even competes with aromatase inhibitors but is completely natural and does not produce false positive drug testing.

These new aromatase inhibitors, non-steroids, offer the same promise to increase testosterone and reduce estrogen without any problems.