Bounce House Rentals

Bounce houses are available from various businesses or set ups. Some of the businesses offering the service are run by parents and therefore you are assured of a bouncy castle that incorporates safety as long as they show you proof of insurance.

To make your party more interesting and exciting for your guests, there are options of bouncy castles to select from. For instance you may choose from a Disney or Princess themed bouncer. Sometimes they are theme specific and therefore you may need to ask your child which they prefer.

Depending on the activities you are interested in, there are bounce castles to match your taste. There is for example the 5 in 1 combo in which children can bounce, slide, climb and shoot hoops. There is also the inflatable slide in which the kids have to navigate the slide through a tunnel. Another slide has double lanes, in which water sprays from the top of the unit to enable the children down while being sprayed- they love this!

Some of the slides have steps up the front- these are called front loaders. There’s a landing pad at the bottom which can be filled with water or left dry. The kids are excited to splash in a pool of water once they finish their ride.

There is also the funnel tunnel which can be used both during the wet and dry season. Another option is the rip and dip water slide that has two humps and three slides allowing kids to slide at least three at a time.

Another popular option is the mega obstacle course that is made for large events. It has two entrances and two slides. The idea is to have more room for children to compete in the activities.

It all depends on which activities or what themes your children will identify with when choosing the rentals for your party. There are simple guides such as do not go for themes that are gender specific if you have children of both sexes in your parties. You may also determine the size of the bounce house given the number of children you are hosting. Safety is also key and thus having an adult to monitor the children’s activities on the castle is important. Insurance and the businesses licenses are other factors that you may consider while comparing different companies for your event. Inflatable businesses are not required to have insurance so make sure you ask if they have it, VERY important!