Mindfulness for Athletes

Mindfulness has been practiced by humans beginning in ancient times, thousands of years ago. Sometimes it has been part of religious or spiritual practice, or sometimes it was simply a practice unto itself. Only recently have athletes and experts in sports psychology begun to realize the benefits of these practices or techniques for improving game performance, not to mention the general health and life improvements that go with it.

Mindfulness is the focusing of your attention onto one thing in the moment over and over again. What that one thing is totally up to you. The most common focus is your breathing. For moderately capable, it is recommended a thought focus, or body focus. For serious athletes, augmenting with a focus on your sport specific practice or your exercise workout. Focus your attention on your sport activity, nothing else. Your task is to be present and catch yourself when your mind drifts to other things, like what you’re going to eat when you get home, or what so and so said earlier today. When you notice your attention wandering, quickly bring it back to immersion in the task at hand with your sport specific practice.

You will have to do this many times in the course of your practice. At the gym, working out, this would entail staying focused on your movements only within the specific machine, exercise, or weight training device you are performing or using. Not thoughts. The process of this one moment. Yes, this means no Ipods or watching TV while on the treadmill. This means focusing the mind on your body, the rhythm, the movements.

This may sound simplistic…well it is simple, yet it is very difficult to do because our minds are generally undisciplined. What did your mind do today? What happened at the free throw line today? Where was your mind? What was your mind doing while you waited your turn to hit on the golf course? What was your mind doing while running the race? Are you aware?

Mindfulness for Athletes is a Sports Psychology golden nugget

There are numerous ways to strengthen this capacity within yourself. Whether you focus on your breath, on a mantra, on your sports specific movements…it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the consistent practice. You can seek the help of sports psychologist to help you out with mental training. It is similar to working out. If you workout once per week, you get very little benefit. If you practice mindfulness once per week for ten minutes you will get very little benefit. Practicing these focusing techniques for 15-20 minutes twice a day is optimal. You can start with less minutes and gradually work up to 20 minutes over a few weeks. Like building muscle, building attentional capacity takes time and practice. The basic technique of focusing your mind on your heart region, your breathing, and your appreciative image is clearly in alignment with the basic tenants of mindfulness, learning to control your attention.

NFL Betting Trends

In the 1800s, it was racing horses that was the top choice of people who loved to gamble. Betting on boxers was also a popular wagering game. However, sports betting really grew big and official when an American game, baseball, became popular and a national past time.

Then there was a growth in the popularity of American games, such as basketball in the NBA and American football in the NFL. These were big time sports in the 20th century that gained a lot of fans and a lot of money in endorsements.

So, the game based on American football in the Nation Football League was one of the proprietary sports that spurned all these betting activities, thus making its fans not only spectators, but an interactive game through sports betting.

In order for you to understand football betting trends, we will answer NFL basic questions that are most commonly asked by people who are interested in the sport.

Now, you do know that in the NFL, the quarterback holds an important position in the game and therefore it is also important to factor this in your betting as well. So, the question that helps you understand NFL betting trends is for you to understand how to calculate a quarterback’s ratings.

Here is our step by step guide to help you figure out a quarterback’s ranking and thereby helping you in determining your own NFL betting picks.

What you will use for your quarterback calculations are writing sheets, a pen or pencil, and a calculator. You will also need to download the most recent quarterback stats available on the Internet.

What you will do is you are going to get a particular quarterback’s pass rating by looking at his pass attempts. Then you subtract the figure 0.3. When you get the difference, you divide it by 0.2. Then, you add the record total of the player. You are doing it right if the record is not more than 2.37 and not less than 0. Now, divide the completed yards passed with the pass attempts after which subtract 3. Divide the result by 4, then check out the total record again. The result should not be more than 2.37 and not less than 0. After this, you get the touchdown passes and divide by pass attempts. Again, divide it by .05 and remember the total.

Divide the attempts to pass with interceptions. Then you subtract the result by 0.095. Add the totals you have jotted down; should be 4 numbers. Multiply by 100 then divide by 6. The result will be your quarterback’s very own recent ratings.

Earn Money With Effective Football Betting Strategies

A teenager with a typical attitude, a business person with flexible timing, a working professional with a tight schedule, a house-wife with lots of free time – no matter in which category you belong to, if football is your passion and you spend majority of your free time to enjoy football news or matches then of course you want to cherish a desire to turn your passion into money. So, here is a good news for you; now you can do so easily with soccer betting.

In the recent times, for its high return on investment, soccer betting has successfully established its unique position in the minds of millions of football enthusiasts. Now winning a soccer betting is not at all a child’s play and finding out an effective football picks system that can produce a highly profitable week time after time no doubt is a real challenge. Among all the major aspects of football picks, effectual football betting strategies play the most important role. These are required for the punters to succeed in the football league of their own choice.

Football betting strategies should be made based on particular football league, instead of several. A punter should bet only on the league on regarding which he is confident enough to take a risk. If you are confused about the dependability issue about the football leagues and worried about your return on investment, then you should go for football betting advice from a professional betting consultant. In the present times for the presence of online medium, finding out a betting adviser is not at all a daunting task. You can even contact with a betting advisor over the internet and consult with him online.

So, what are you waiting for? If you really have an ardent affection for football and want to earn money while being a couch potato enjoying your favourite match then without any second thought go for football betting advice and prepare your unique football betting strategies today.

FIFA Football World Cup 2018 in Russia

World cup history is full of incredible matches, fierce rivalries and great moments. The greatest sporting event on the planet will once again mesmerize football fans across the world. Thirty two nations will give absolute all to cement their place in the World Cup hall of fame, but only one will succeed. With just a few months to go until the opening game, pundits and fans are tirelessly analyzing every team and player, with Brazil, Spain and group of death being the main talking points.

In the midst of all opinions, facts and numbers, the bigger picture is overlooked by the majority of football aficionados, but I’m sure the most devoted World Cup supporters are already asking this question. Can a European nation finally win on Russian soil? All six previous attempts have been futile, and this one is shaping towards the same conclusion if you believe the hype surrounding Brazilian national team. Sure, they’ve been sublime in the Confederations Cup, but World Cup will be a much tougher test with tremendous amounts of pressure to succeed.

Early signs are looking good for Europeans. Besides outnumbering the South American nations, the likes of Spain, Germany and even Italy possess sufficient weapons to prevail against Brazil, Argentina Uruguay or Colombia; and if you add Portugal, Netherlands and France to the equation and the ice could finally be broken. Let’s perform a quick analysis and see how a European nation can win the world cup.

The main weakness of South America is Uruguay. Yes, they have a phenomenal strike in Luis Suarez, but their qualifying campaign has been abysmal. They nearly missed out on the World Cup and had to cruise past a helpless Jordan in the playoff matches. Uruguay is not certain to emerge from their group of death, but even if they do, a potential encounter with Germany or Spain will spell an end to their adventure.

Colombia is the dark horse of the competition. They boost deadly striker force in Radamel Falcao and Jackson Ramirez, but are too inexperienced for such a big occasion. They may cause an upset, but not a string of big wins.

Argentina has a much better squad than both Uruguay and Colombia. They are amongst the favourites due to the sheer talent of their players, but this is the case in every World Cup, yet La Albiceleste have failed to deliver on every occasion. Smart gamblers would certainly put their money on Spain and Germany against the Messi and Co.

Brazil is the biggest obstacle for European Nations to win the trophy. They’ve already demolished Spain in the Confiderations Cup and set themselves as the main favourites to claim the World Cup, but a tactical astute German team, and even a more motived Spain could pose them serious troubles. Philippe Scolari may be a shrewd tactician, but his team has enough weakness to be exposed, particularly the lack of quality strikers.

If you fancy European teams to shine in Russia, why not check the latest fifa world cup odds on World Cup winners, and make a cheeky bet on one of your favourites.