Facts About Duty Free Shopping

In simple terms, duty free shopping is where you purchase goods without paying local taxes, which are otherwise known as duties. It can encompass all manner of products, but it is best known for the sale of cut-price alcohol.

Where can you find duty free stores?

Generally, you can only find duty free stores within airports but since the birth of internet there are many online duty free shops as well. More often than not, you’ll find they are located past the departures and arrivals gates inside international airports.

How can you buy duty free goods?

Not everyone can enjoy duty free shopping. In order to access the lower prices, you need to be either departing or arriving at the airport, be in possession of a valid flight pass and you need to have passed through security. But now you can always go for online duty free shopping and buy your favorite products at Duty Free Shop Prices Online.

How do you save money?

It can be easy to visit a duty free store and become mesmerised with the great prices on offer, but with a little planning and research, you can ensure you make the most of only the best bargains. Before you head to the airport, spend some time researching the items you are interested in purchasing and compare the available duty free prices with those provided by other online and bricks and mortar stores. You can ensure that you are actually getting the best price and can also decide if it is an item that you really need.

What is for sale?

Duty free stores are probably best known as retailers of cheap alcoholic drinks, but there’s more to them than just that one product category. Duty free stores sell all manner of goods, ranging from makeup and fragrances through to electronics, jewellery and even clothes. Each retailer is different, so you never know what you’ll find!

How do you get the best deals?

Along with a little research before you start shopping, you can get some great deals by ensuring you have signed up to the store’s newsletter. Many retailers offer multi-buys, sales and other special deals that can help you save. You might even find a limited-time offer that allows you to enjoy a specific percentage off your entire order.

How can you save time at the airport?

No matter how well you plan ahead, sometimes you simply can’t avoid delays or other mishaps at the airport. If you’re wanting to save time and ensure you can make the most of great duty free savings, look for duty free stores, such as Aelia Duty Free, that allow you to preorder your shopping online and then collect it when you arrive at the airport.

How much can you buy from a duty free store?

Depending on where you are travelling from and where you are travelling to, the amount of duty free goods you can purchase may be restricted. Some countries, such as New Zealand, have very generous duty free allowances, while others are much stricter, especially when it comes to the purchase of alcohol. To avoid any unwanted confiscations or fines, it’s best to look up the duty free allowances before you head to the airport or simply use the online duty free portals and shop with ease.