First Time Home Buyers Can Find National and Local Mortgage Lenders Online

If you’re a first time home buyer, you might be intimidated by looking into home loans. There is a wealth of information online and offline to help you learn about the home loan application process, but you must know how to sift through all the information. So, where do you get started? Comparing home loan resources.

Brokers and bankers are looking for your business

First time home buyers should know that there are many banks, brokers and mortgage companies waiting to take their business. In fact, almost anyone who wants to purchase their own home can get a home loan, if they have access to the right consumer information.

The most important part of the process is your credit history and the amount of down payment that you can provide. These two pieces are critical because they will determine the type of interest rate that you are offered.

Another consideration is that local resources can provide a personal touch with face-to-face meetings, but national mortgage lenders have a much wider selection of loan products.

Look for lenders online

Once you have your credit information you can type in “home loan” into any major search engine and come up with a long list of banks, credit unions and other type of mortgage lenders. Once you find a few resources, fill out their online questionnaire and you are on your way to becoming a first time homeowner.

While you’re there, any good website should also have a mortgage loan calculator. Use the mortgage loan calculator to figure out what type of payment would be most comfortable for your budget.

Read up on the process and read all paperwork before you accept a loan.
One the application process is complete, you can move on to shopping for your new home. Buying a home is probably the largest single purchasing decision you will ever make in your lifetime.

Spend as much as time you as you can reading books, looking up information online and reading all paperwork before you sign to ensure that you have the most up to date home loan information.

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