How To Get A Business Loan

Would you like to learn how to get a business loan in Sweden? Whether this is your first request for a business loan or your tenth request, you need to start out by listing the reasons why you need a loan. Do you want to expand your business? How about dumping more money into the development department to purchase new products and hire people that can help you come up with creative ideas for new products? To learn how to get a business loan in Sweden, here are the tips you need to follow:

Go Online

A great place to get a business loan in Sweden is online. You can almost always find cheaper interest rates online and you can easily gain approval for the loan, which is until what will happen if you try to walk into a local bank. When you apply for online loans, you usually get an immediate repose to let you know if you are approved for the loan or not. Also you can jämför företagslån in Sweden to get the best rate with most money.


In order to figure out how to get a small business loan you need to have some type of collateral ready to front. Offering up your home or another piece of property to secure the loan will give you lower rates, but it does place all the risk on your shoulders instead of on the lenders shoulders.

Payment Terms

To negotiate the best payment terms for your business loan you will need to order a copy of your credit report. This will let you see just how much negotiating room you have available due to your credit score. If your score is above 650 you shouldn’t have a problem negotiating better payment terms and lower interest rates.

Business Plan

To prove to a bank or lending institution that you have a plan for the funds that you are borrowing, you must have a professionally written business plan. In your business plan you need to make sure that you have communicated your marketing strategy, your current and forecasted financials, the resumes of your management team, any intellectual property you may have, your exit strategy, and any supporting documents you may have. A well written business plan will not only prove to a lender that you are prepared but will also keep you the small business owner focused on the task at hand.

Business Credit Scores

Coming out of this economy there are new underwriting guidelines for small business success. Now that banks and lending institutions have gotten over doing bad business and handing out loans that shouldn’t have been handed out, they are going to be looking at your entire business before they approve you for a business loan or line of credit. One of the assets they are going to be looking is all three of your business credit scores. With new technology today, a bank or lending institution can see all three of your business credit scores looking at one business credit report. They call this the all new tri-merge report. Make sure you have spent time building your business credit scores.