How To Grow Taller The Natural Way

Being tall really has its advantages, many jobs are available only to people that have a specific height. This is why many short people are trying to find ways to grow taller, even resorting to taking supplements that are mostly ineffective and surgery which is very expensive. While some people accept the fact that they fall short of the height requirement, others don’t. They look for ways to add a few inches or even just centimeters to their height. There are actually many ways to grow taller and most don’t require for you to take medicines, just the natural way to help you grow taller.

Being short has never been a problem when you are still a child; the problem manifests itself during early adulthood when you are entering the world of grownups. People just don’t take short people too seriously, maybe they are thinking that if you are lacking in height it also follows that you are lacking in intellect. This is why short people are searching for the natural way to grow taller.

There is actually a guide to this that states that eating the right food and sleeping at least eight hours every night would help in making you grow taller. Exercising can also help you achieve this and here are several stretching exercises that you can follow easily.

Athletes have been using these exercises as warm up before their actual training. These are easy to follow and can be done at home.

Cobra. This exercise is done by lying face down with your palm on the floor and your spine arched slowly then releasing every five seconds.

Cat Stretch. This is done by getting on your hands and knees, breathing in as you flex your spine and bring your head up. Bring your head down while arching your spine and release between 3-8 seconds.

The Bridge. You have to do this lying down on the floor with your knees up and your feet on the floor. Hold your ankles and thrust your hips up and let your spine arch. This will take some time for you to get right but it will eventually become easy.

Wall Stretch. Lean your body on the wall and lift your hands. Be sure to have your back flat on the wall always with only your bottom and back of the neck touching it.

Of course, you can always turn to tricks to make you look taller. By wearing the right outfit and especially the right shoes you can look taller. There are special shoe lifts today which you can insert in any type of shoe and instantly look taller, even Tom Cruise wears them, so why don’t you try those “Tom Cruise shoe lifts” for yourself and see how it feels. They are much cheaper than elevator shoes so it’s a win-win.