How To Test The Parking Sensors Of Your Vehicle

For usual vehicle testing, people always tend to care more about a car’s dynamic characteristics, fuel economy, driving stability and comfort. However, there is a function that we use it every day, but usually gets ignored by most of car owners, that is Parking sensor.

Parking sensor orĀ pdc is a driver assistant system, which is generally equipped in most current mainstream models. Its practicability, needless to say, helps drivers a lot. especially for those novices and part of female drivers, the parking radar plays a crucial role. However, different model is equipped with different parking sensor system, whose performance is certainly not the same. So, how to determine whether your parking sensor is a good one? You need to test it, and next will show you how do do the testing.

For drivers, parking sensor should detect the barriers as early as possible, and make a sound. As the obstacle is getting closer, the frequency of the sound will be faster and faster, and it is time to stop when the sound becomes continuous. When the sound begins, the distance between your car and the obstacle is the shortest distance; the longest distance refers to the distance between the two the moment the sound begins to become continuous. The monitoring range is just the distance between the shortest and longest. The greater the monitor range and the longest distance, the better the parking sensor is. Also, the sensor of parking sensor is usually installed on the middle of bumper, which makes it difficult to detect some lower obstructions. In this case, there is possibility to damage your car chassis.

Of course, from another angle, the radar sensitivity is also an important factor. Sometimes, some smaller objects can not timely detected by parking sensor, this will also cause some damage to your car body, such cases are not uncommon. So testing the sensitivity to smaller obstacles is necessary. You can put small obstructions on the left, middle or right side of the rear, to see if it can detect them. General parking sensor can do this.

Parking sensor is a very good accessibility for daily driving, but you can not completely rely on it. Apart from the reversing radar, carefully observing the terrain and the increasing driving experience are also the premise of safety insurance. But if you are a novice at driving, using a parking sensor seems to be very necessary. Click here to get more options of parking sensor, and choose a suitable one.