How to use Manuka Honey

The area in which Manuka Honey is currently receiving the most scientific attention is the treatment of wounds. The application of Manuka honey is effective whether the wound be caused by trauma, burn or even a leg ulcer. The product not only attacks existing infection within the wound, but also creates a protective barrier to prevent further infection taking hold. Previous users report accelerated healing and less scarring than they would have expected when using conventional medical products. To utilize the honey in this way simply apply to the wound and the dressing before applying. The substance provides not only pain relief, but the protective barrier formed once again supplies protection and promotes healing.

Many people are now advocating the use of Manuka Honey for diseases of the digestive system. Whilst research into the use of the honey in conditions such as acid reflux, peptic ulcers, and stomach infection has so far been limited, anecdotal evidence is strong regarding the effectiveness of the product. Just half a teaspoon a day has been reported to make a difference.

Honey has long been used as a home remedy for those suffering from cold and flu symptoms. Manuka honey, with its antibacterial properties enhances the soothing effect honey has on the throat and fights any bacteria which may be adding to that run down feeling.

Encouraging research has recently been conducted in Kuala Lumpur which has shown Manuka honey inhibits the growth of cancer cells. The same research team have also shown that the use of the Manuka honey can reduce the side effects associated with chemotherapy treatment. The results are fascinating, although the data is not yet complete.

With all that said, every household should have a bottle of best Manuka honey for sure. It is fair to say that the healing qualities of Manuka honey are not, as yet, fully appreciated or understood. What is known so far is encouraging, and the product is making a positive difference to people suffering from a variety of ailments across the planet. Nature’s greatest remedy has the potential to heal the world.