Kotatsu Tables For Cold Days

To combat the cold, nothing is better than being locked in a house, with the heating on and lying on the sofa. This is an option, and another is the last great Japanese invention that is causing all that rage around the world and which is known by the name of Kotatsu.

Kotatsu is a new Japanese invention, although in fact the idea goes back to the fourteenth century, the only thing that over the years it has been perfected, and that will undoubtedly soon be part of the decoration of the rooms of many houses, especially those that are decorated with an oriental touch.

The main purpose of kotatsu table, both in its origins and today, is to provide heat to combat the cold of winter. In the fourteenth century, the Japanese made a kind of coal stove that was placed on the floor in a hole about 40 centimeters in diameter. Above that hole, a wooden table was placed with a thick skirt that would not let the heat out.

At the moment, the idea is the same, but the Japanese have changed that hole where they put coal, to an electric stove that is at the bottom of the table and that is in charge of providing all the comfort to the people. They sit around the table on very cold days.

Kotatsu is a system widely used in most traditional Japanese houses, since they are houses that do not have any type of insulation system, so that its inhabitants need to look for systems to warm up and not stay frozen. Also, since it is a cheap heating system, it is used in most homes.

The idea of Kotatsu is that you can put a large part of your body inside so that you can be warm all the time you are at home, even at night, at bedtime. There are a lot of models to choose from. But if you are searching for the best Kotatsu Tables to buy for winter then you should visit KotatsuTable.org as they have the reviewed all the tables so you can see hoe they work and to choose the one that suits you the most.