Setting Up a Conference Call on a Budget

Setting up a conference call is easy. But before reserving for a meeting time, let’s explore what features and options you will need so you won’t be paying for unnecessary fees assessed by service providers.

How Many Callers Are Going to Join Your Call?

First of all, one of the most important things to check prior to holding a meeting, you need to know how many callers will be joining your call. If you’re unsure, prepare a separate email opt-in web page just for your conference call.

This way, people are reminded prior to the call in advance about the time and other details. You will also know how many people will be joining the call in order to determine how large your conferencing line needs to be.

Determine Calling Options

After determining how many people will be joining for your call, determine how many calling “options” a call must provide. Providing participants with a toll free access, international access number (when calling from outside USA), Skype or VoIP calling options will accommodate greater number of callers. Adding more calling options will cost you higher fees, but they may be worth the cost.

Do You Need Recording or Desktop Sharing?

If your conference call will share desktop application, you will also need to add that service. If it’s for a small conference call, you can get around paying any fee by setting up a service like DimDim.

Are You Looking for a Three-Way Call?

If you’re only interested in holding a conference with two other people, you can simply use iPhone 3 way call feature your telephone service most likely already provides. If you happen to use the iPhone, the same feature can expand up to five callers.