Travel To Sydney Australia Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a landmark in Sydney and probably the most popular tourist destination in Sydney. Although the Sydney Aquarium is the tourist attraction that sells the most tickets in Australia, the Opera House is a must see together with the amazing views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Royal Botanic Garden.

The Opera House is a recognised symbol around the world with the distinctive series of overlapping ‘sails’ providing a unique skyline. Technically they are sections of a sphere but the architect mentioned that palm fronds inspired them. Around the world the unique style and shape of the Sydney Opera House is recognised as a symbol representing both Sydney and Australia.

Millions of “self-cleaning” tiles cover the white granite surface. The tiles are made of a stone that tends to extrude dirt that then blows off and they only require the minimum of maintenance.

The Concert Hall with a seating capacity of nearly 2700 and the Opera Theatre with more than 1500 are found in the two largest sails. 544 seats are available in the The Drama House. In 1999 the Playhouse was added with a capacity of around 400 and the Studio Theatre can seat 364. There are several sails that make up the unique shape of the Opera House and one houses the Opera venue with a smaller one for theatres and a few caters for the restaurants while the Concert Hall is covered by another.

The view from the steps of the Opera House is as spectacular as the building itself and will provide amazing opportunities to photograph the Sydney Harbour Bridge and city skyline. The view over Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour) and the fresh sea breeze together with a beautiful sunny Sydney day provides one with lasting memories.

There are several tours available to view the Opera House from inside and backstage tours are very popular. The Sydney Opera House was built from 1963 to 1973 and it encompasses the two main halls, five rehearsal studios, four restaurants and five theaters with numerous shops and restuarants and bars.

The Opera House was completed in 1973, nearly 10 years after construction began. Although the original budget was $7m it was completed at a final cost of around $100M. The architect Jorn Utzon also resigned in 1970 over numerous disputes.

Every year nearly 2 million people attend performances at the Sydney Opera House and around 200,000 visitors tour the Opera House each year. Performances in the complex are attended by two million annually.

The Sydney Opera House was built with a lot of controversy yet the end result is nonetheless spectacular. There are some flaws with the interior of the Opera house and some seats don’t even have a view of the stage.

Everything considered the Opera House is an architectural marvel and a unique symbol of Sydney and Australia.

Source: Boffest.