What Are The Types Of Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a type of temporary structure that supports workers or materials while other larger structures are being built, repaired or maintained. Scaffolding is made up of different frames and planks that are held in place by bolts or couplers. Depending of the of the purpose of the scaffolding it can come in many sizes and shapes. There are many types of scaffolding , but the most well known in London are; the independent or birdcage scaffold, the suspended or swingstage scaffold, the single pole scaffold, and the cantilever scaffold.

Independent or Birdcage Scaffold

Independent Scaffold is made up of rows or vertical poles called standards. These standards are connected using transoms, which are horizontal pieces crossing the standards. Independent scaffold is used for a single level projects such as working on a ceiling.

Single Pole Scaffold

Single Pole leans against the structure that is being built. Like the independent scaffold, single pole is made up of standards, but only has one standard in stead of two. The board is connected to the standard but the other side of the board leans against the wall of the building or structure. Single pole scaffolding are generally used for maintenance or repair projects.

Suspended Scaffold (Swing Stage)

For multilevel projects suspended scaffolding is usually used. Suspended scaffold is a platform that can be raised and lowered by a series of pulleys. Suspended scaffolding is very versatile and requires no standards. Many projects require suspended scaffold, such as window washing, window replacement or painting.

Cantilever Scaffold

The cantilever scaffold is a simple type of scaffolding, that is attached to the main structure at one end, or supported by a single pole. It’s set up like a plank or diving board and can be used for single level projects.

All of these types of scaffolding are made up of basic materials, such as tubes, couplers and boards. Often times these materials are made of aluminium or steel. Steel materials are either ‘black’ or galvanized, which protects against rust or other wear. Wooden boards are used at the platforms for the workers or tools.

Other common materials for scaffold are the couplers that hold the tubes together, which can also be made of aluminium or steel. Scaffolds sometimes require items like base plates, ladders, ropes or anchor ties. The materials needed to build a safe and effective types of scaffolding can be found at your local scaffolding supplies London or scaffold firm.