What is Cardarine GW-501516

(Cardarine GW501516) works by activating the same paths that are activated when doing cardiovascular exercises. It was originally developed to treat obesity and other metabolic diseases, however, it gained great popularity among the fitness scene and bodybuilding, due to its drastic fat burning ability.

How does it work?

Cardarine works to burn fat, increasing the absorption of glucose in skeletal muscle tissue, which alters the body’s metabolism to burn fat instead of muscle or carbohydrates.

In fact, it does all this without losing blood sugar levels, as diabetics do, and it is also completely non-stimulating. Cardarine will help an athlete in two ways; 1. Is the ability to burn fat and 2. Is the ability to help an athlete to complete longer and harder exercises, reducing the recovery time between sets and increasing the number of repetitions or movements that the athlete can perform before get to exhaustion.


Dosage lengths are generally from 8 to 16 weeks to 10 to 20 mg per day, with 15 mg being more common and more effective.

Side effect:

GW has not been shown to have side effects. Applied studies? Properly showed no side effects. GW has no toxicity, suppression and no other known side effects.