What is GenF20 Plus – GenF20 Plus Review

Like all HGH supplements and releasers, GenF20 is not a magic pill where you will see immediate results. Some GenF20 reviews may have wrongly promoted the amount of time that individuals will see results from taking GenF20 supplements. GenF20 promotes that individuals can see and feel results within a few weeks, not a few hours. The amount of time that individuals will see and feel results will vary, this is due to the fact that individuals with less HGH in their body will typically see results sooner than those who have a higher HGH level.

This could be disheartening to consumers who wanted to see results in the fastest possible time, use of HGH supplements like GenF20 can still yield results if used regularly and within the dosage limit.

What is GenF20?

GenF20 is a human growth hormone releaser that prompts the pituitary gland to release somatotropins, or the naturally produced growth hormones of the body. It does not supply your body with pure synthetic hormones like injection HGH. Growth hormones are essential to keeping the body young and lithe. Deficiency or decrease of production of GH can cause the aging process to speed up causing wrinkles and other aging signs prematurely.

How is GenF20 different from GenF20 Plus?

GenF20 is the former name of GenF20 Plus, making the two products similar in some ways. However, it must be noted that GenF20 Plus is not just a repackaged product with just the same ingredients. Manufacturers of GenF20 added three key ingredients to improve the quality of GenF20.

GenF20 has now been upgraded with additional anti aging ingredients and original GenF20 is no longer available. You can read the Genf20 plus reviews from users to see what people who used the product think of it.


This agent has long been used as an ingredient to various anti-aging supplements. Resveratrol is said to keep the cells from aging. It is also a strong anti-oxidant that promotes healthy cell build-up and aids in the improvement of the immune system. With healthy cells, it follows that your skin will look younger and healthier as well. Resveratrol can be found mainly on the skin of grapes.

Acai Berry

An anti-aging agent which has vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. Studies have shown that acai berry contains the anti-oxidant Anthocyanins and are used in GenF20 Plus in a high amount to strengthen its potency. It is said that Anthocyanins can slow down the process of aging when used in higher dosages. It also contains omega 6 and 9 that are beneficial to the heart.

Green Tea

Green tea is famous for its anti-bacterial properties and its cooling and refreshing taste. It also aids in rheumatoid arthritis, it can also help prevent cardiovascular diseases, lowers level of cholesterol, increases the immune system, and helps in faster fat burning.