World of Tanks – description and history of the game

First of all, you need to say that this is a free game, and it is simply superb. World of tanks has recently become a very popular free MMORPG-Action game and has won many awards. Everyone will like it. Probably because many are already tired of fantasy-style games, and here you can encounter on the famous battlefields with tanks that participated in the Second World War. And find out the whole history of tank building and the development of the mid-20th century (more on this later).

WOT – like any other game, has its own history, which takes us to the world of the “Second World War” and covers the history of tank construction from the 30s to 50s of the 20th century, where we are to participate in tank battles of 15 to 15 players, on 24 unique maps. The game is constantly updated, there are tanks of new countries and a lot of new maps. Also already created new types of battles: “Hold”, “Capture Point”, “Destruction”, “Opposition”.

The game features more than 150 different types of tanks, such as Maus, Tiger, Scorpion, T26e4 Superpershing and many more, and self-propelled guns, such countries as: USSR , Third Reich , USA , France, China. In the future, it is planned to submit equipment from other states. According to some reports, the next in line will be British and Japanese combat vehicles. Some of them actually participated in hostilities, and some were experimental models that existed only on drawings or in prototypes. In addition, the game allowed the branches of research and modifications of tanks – guns, engines, towers, etc. Also, there are many clans. Clans of the world are constantly replenished with new fighters who lead fierce battles for territory. Technique in the World of Tanks has a large variety.